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2014 Board Minutes

    Illinois Fox Valley

    Society for Human Resources Management

    Board Meeting Minutes

    November 20, 2014

    Attendees: Lisa Gruhkle, Judy Childress, Sarah Sester, Dave Butts, Kristen May, Pam Van Bogaert, Sandy Pajak, Sara Zorich, Crystal Gonzalez

    Absent – Yvonne Graff (National SHRM Meeting), Carol Stone

    Guest – Donna Mann – Northern Illinois University

    Lisa called the meeting to order @ 1:15

    Old Business;

    Donna Mann from Northern Illinois University discussed their partnership with SHRM for the new Preferred Provider Program.  Northern is the exclusive provider for the northern Illinois area.  Donna explained that SHRM will offer incentives to chapters whose members become SHRM CP or SCP certified.  For current members that are already have their PHR or SPHR they will have to prove their current certification, take a code of ethics, and watch a SHRM tutorial.  Once these steps are complete they will now have their CP (same as PHR) or SCP (same as SPHR) through SHRM.  Northern Illinois is looking to have a partner collaboration with local SHRM chapters.  The goal of this collaboration is to encourage members to certify.  Northern Illinois University will be dropping their affiliation with HRCI.  The new CP & SCP will be globally recognized certifications.  Following are some of the benefits of this collaboration:

                Promote SHRM Programs

                NIU will supply our chapter advertising flyers for us to distribute

                NIU will put a link on their website for our group

                Exhibit opportunities for our group at NIU

                Present chapter information at NIU’s open house

                Recognition for partnering with a university

                SHRM members get $100 discount off of NIU classes

    Dave asked if we had to provide our membership list to Northern, we don’t want our members to receive a lot of solicitation documents.  Northern can supply us a PDF  of the documents that we can distribute to our members, so we don’t have to share our membership list. 

    After Donna left the meeting a discussion was held on the benefits of partnering with Northern Illinois University.  Judy made a motion to approve this partnership with Northern Illinois University, Pam seconded the motion.  All members were in favor, no opposed.  Motion carried.

    2015 Budget – Dave is still looking for some submissions for the budget.  For the items that are marked for board submission a decision was made to use the same figures that the budget used in the past. 

    Update – Lisa has submitted all of the paperwork for our group to be a SHRM Preferred Provider.  The paperwork has been approved for our group.  Lisa set this up with SHRM that she is responsible for entering all information to SHRM. 

    SWOT Analysis – Mission Statement, Lisa will send out our current mission statement via e-mail.  Board members can offer suggestions for improvements (shortening) to the mission statement via e-mail. 

    Goals for 2015 – Lisa said that her membership goal for 2015 is to increase membership by 10% (to approximately 50 members).  The current new members that the group has received have been due to recent National SHRM blast and the presentation on the ACA.

    New Business:

    Meeting place – Lisa just found out before the beginning of the general meeting today that Hickory Stick will be open in January and for the rest of 2015.  Sandy will continue to take care of the food in 2015 with Hickory Stick.

    PayPal/Square – Kristen handed out a facts sheet on the options and cost for pay pal and square.  These options would give our members to pay for the general meetings via credit card when they register online and at the meeting (with a scanning device attached to an I-phone).  Dave will work with Judy on getting this set up on the website.

    CD – Dave has set up an 18 month CD for $10,000.00 with a 1% interest rate.

    Past Presidents gift – Dave wrote a check to Things Remembered for a past president clock (Lisa).  If Dave purchases another clock for 2015 (Yvonne) in December 2014 he will receive $20.00 off of that clock.  Dave is also working on getting the President plaques updated with the new name plates.  Dave also needs to purchase stamps.  A motion was made Sandy to approve Dave’s check written for the 2014 clock, purchase of the 2015 clock, and the purchase of stamps.  The motion was seconded by Judy.  All members approved, none opposed, motion carried.

    Meeting adjourned @ 2:15 p.m.


    Illinois Fox Valley

    Society for Human Resources Management

    Board Meeting Minutes

    October 16, 2014

    Attendees:, Lisa Gruhkle, Yvonne Graff, Carol Graham,  Sarah Sester, Dave Butts, Kristen May

    Absent – Judy Childress, Carol Stone, Pam Van Bogaert, Sandy Pajak, Sara Zorich, Crystal Gonzalez

    Lisa called the meeting to order @ 1:10

    Old Business;

    FAQ Sheet – Yvonne sent out via e-mail containing the FAQ sheet for potential new members.  Following are the suggested changes; add the group’s website address and see website for board member information.

    Hickory Stick – the Hickory Stick restaurant will be closing down in December.  Ramos gave the group a couple of suggestions for new locations.  Carol is going to make some call to get rates and information on these places.

    Budget – Board members need to submit their budget information to Dave

    Christmas Social – a discussion was had on having the Christmas Social on December 4, 2014.  The social will be dependent on the group finding a new location.  A discussion was had on giving personalized wine bottles for a gift at the social.  Yvonne will check with Crystal on a speaker for the social. 

    Member Give Away – members will receive a gift card upon completing their membership application and paying their membership dues for 2015.   Binders will be given to all new 2014 members. 

    New Business:

    SHRM Preferred Provider Program – this is SHRM’s new certification for programs.  A discussion was had that our group would want to get HRCI credit and the new SHRM certification for our 2015 programs. 

    With the new SHRM certification once your group is approved through SHRM programs will not have to apply for credits for each program they will automatically be approved.  To certify with SHRM we will need to complete the paperwork by December 1, 2014.  Lisa will send out a board approval request to complete the application via an e-mail vote. 

    Follow up on SWOT analysis - board members need to review the mission statement and bring ideas to shorten it to the November meeting.

    Certificate of Deposit – Dave stated that a $10,000.00 CD is being processed through the Elgin State Bank.  The CD is a step CD for 18 months, but the money can be withdrawal after 12 months.  Interest rate is 1.0%.

    Links to outside organizations – Lisa has received a couple of requests from outside organizations to link to our group and put our website link on their website.  It was decided not to move forward with these requests.

    Post Cards – Sandy was going to order the reminder post cards

    Business Cards - Sarah submitted a proof for the business cards. Sarah’s asked the Board Members if they had a better electronic copy of the group’s logo.  Dave or Kristen thought they had a better copy and will forward it to Sarah.  Dave requested that we add e-mail address to the back of the card.  Sarah will get the requested changes taken care of and get 500 cards printed.

    Boards Members for 2015 – Lisa will update our list of Board Members for 2015.  Changes include adding Holly LaVine under diversity committee, and Sara Zorich under assistant membership.  Kristen offered to help Judy with the website.

    Volunteer Point System – Yvonne discussed a volunteer point system that she recently learned about.  Members that volunteer for varies duties throughout the year earn points.  The points can be redeemed for gifts in July & November.  Points examples: door greeter (1 point), referring a new member (2 points), staying for a board meeting (1 points), and speaker referral (1 point).  All board members thought this was a good idea for 2015.

    Meeting adjourned @ 1:50


    Illinois Fox Valley

    Society for Human Resources Management

    Board Meeting Minutes

    September 18, 2014

    Attendees:, Lisa Gruhkle, Sandy Pajak, Sarah Sester, Crystal Gonzalez, Yvonne Graff, Dave Butts, Judie Childress, Sara Zorich & Kristen May

    Absent – Carol Graham & Pam Van Boegart

    Old Business:

    Welcoming Guests – Kristen will send an e-mail to all guests after the meeting.  The e-mail will include a guest packet if the new member has not already received the packet.  HRCI information will also be sent.  Kristen will look in her documents to see if she has chapter business cards that were used in the past for new members or guests. All guests that attend the meeting will fill out a form with their name, phone, & e-mail address, so board members have this information for their board follow up calls

    Board Buddy Calls – Yvonne to send all board members the FAQ sheet.   Kristen will send board members the list of new members.  Board members will call the new member the month after they join the group.  The call will be just before the next general meeting.

    Members not attending meetings – An idea was discussed of sending a reminder postcard to members that have missed two meetings in a row.  Sandy will research and present postcard options.

    No Shape Update

    New Business:

    Membership Fees for Unemployed Renewing Members – no membership fee will be charged for renewing unemployed members.  If the members gains employment during the year then the member will be charged a pro-rated membership fee for the year.  Judy made a motion to approve this decision for unemployed renewing members.  Yvonne 2nd the motion.  All board members approved (Dave abstained )

    2014 Global Workforce Symposium Request – Lisa received a request for IL Fox Valley SHRM to partner with this group.  The board had no interest in partnering due to the fact that our membership does not include global members.

    Illinois State Council Co-Membership Director Position – the state council has an opening for a co-membership director.  There was no interest from our board members.

    Strategic Meeting – Strategic Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 2, 2014 from 8:00 – 9:30 at the Hickory Stick.  Breakfast will be served

    Donation to SHRM National – The 2014 budget was approved with a $100.00 donation to the SHRM foundations for speakers.  Dave will submit the donation to SHRM National. 

    Speakers – Crystal is currently working on speakers for the 2015 general meetings.  Michael Hahn will present in February, March, or April.  The plan is to have 3 or 4 legislative update speakers for 2015.  A discussion was had on sending members a survey during renewal asking them about what programs members are looking for.  They survey would also ask for program and speaker suggestions.

    D&O Insurance – the group’s D&O (Director & Officers) has been moved to Chubb Insurance.  Annual rate is $614.00.  The new policy includes lawyer’s fees outside of the policy’s limits.

    2015 Budget – Dave will work on the 2015 budget after the strategic meeting.  Board members should start working on their section of the yearly budget.

    Yearly give away – a discussion was had on having yearly give away for our members (like the padfolios given away)

    Gift card – a decision was made not to send members gift cards for Christmas, but to send a gift card with a thank  you card for members after they submit their 2015 membership application and dues.

    Christmas Social – a discussion was had on having a Christmas social on December 4, 2014.  All board members should bring ideas to the next meeting.

    Meeting adjourned @ 2:15 p.m.


    Illinois Fox Valley

    Society for Human Resources Management

    Board Meeting Minutes

    July 17, 2014


    Attendees:, Lisa Gruhkle, Sandy Pajak, Sarah Sester, Crystal Gonzalez, Carol Graham, Yvonne Graff, Pam Van Boegart & Kristen May

    Absent – Dave Butts, Judie Childress, Sara Zorich

    Lisa called the meeting to order @ 1:05

    Programs – Pam stated that our programs our booked for the rest of the 2014 meetings.  Pam & Crystal are working on booking presenters for 2015.  A discussion was had that the presentations have to present more in-depth details on their subject, so our members have solid information to take back to their workplace.


    Old Business:

    Bi-Laws – Lisa received no feedback from board members on our current bi-laws, so no changes are needed.   In a previous meeting the topic of not being 100% affiliated chapter was discussed.  Lisa reviewed the financial impact this would have on our chapter.  If we currently had 40 members and moved to a non affiliated chapter we would need 100 members to collect the same amount of money from National SHRM. Yvonne said we have only lost a few members that were currently unemployed because they could not afford to pay both National and Local SHRM dues.  After discussion it was agreed upon that we will stay a 100% affiliate chapter of National SHRM.   The affiliation with national will be discussed again in January 2015. Lisa will also review the board members terms & titles to make sure they are in alignment with our bi-laws.

    Updates – Kristin May has created an e-mail message that will be sent to all new members.  Kristen will be e-mailing the board a list of members that have missed the last few meetings.  Kristin will work with Yvonne on sending out the e-mail blasts to potential new members.

    Nominating Committee for New Board Positions for 2015:


                President Elect  - Crystal Gonzalez

                VP Membership – Lisa Gruhkle

                Director Legislation – Sara Zorich

                VP Programs – Crystal Gonzalez

                Secretary – Sarah Sester (serving again)

                Treasurer – David Butts (need to confirm serving again)

                Director, Website/Member Benefits – Judie Childress (serving again)

                Assistant Secretary – Carol Graham (serving again)

                Assistant Director, Website/Member Benefits – open position

                Assistant  Programs – open position


    Lisa is going to contact members that expressed interest in helping the board as either board member or committee chairs.  Kathleen Fosser and JoAnne Waters are both new members that have expressed interest in helping the board.  They will be contacted to see what possible areas they can help in; possibly diversity or programs.


    Shape – no discussion


    New Business:

    Basket for SHRM Foundations Raffle at IL SHRM Conference – Pam volunteer to put together a wine basket for the conference.  Pam can spend $100 on the basket.

    Strategic Meeting – Lisa will schedule the strategic meeting for October (after elections)

    New Members – Yvonne presented Kathleen Fosser as a new member.  Kathleen is a National SHRM member.  Her current position is HR for the Kane County Health Department.  Yvonne made a motion to approve Kathleen Fosser as a member, Lisa 2nd the motion.  Motion carried.



    Illinois Fox Valley

    Society for Human Resources Management

    Board Meeting Minutes

    June 19, 2014


    Attendees:, Lisa Gruhkle, Sandy Pajak, Sarah Sester, Crystal Gonzalez, Carol Graham, Judie Childress & Kristen May

    Guest – Karen Vujtech – Illinois SHRM District Director, District 1

    Absent – Yvonne Graff, Dave Butts, Pam Van Boegart, Sara Zorich

    Lisa called the meeting to order @ 1:05

    Certifications Discussion – Sandy asked Karen if she had any information on the new SHRM certification program since SHRM is breaking away from HRCI.  HR Professionals will be able to hold both certifications   Chapters should also be able to give credit for both certification programs.  HR Professionals that currently have a PHR or SPHR certification should be able to get the new SHRM certification with no additional testing. 


    Old Business:

    Welcoming New Members – Kristin is going to follow up with Yvonne on the Linkedin Page.  Kristin is also going to check if our chapter has a Facebook page.  Sandy suggested sending new members an e-mail from the President.  The e-mail template would include a link to the website and Linkedin, and the dates/programs for future meetings.  Included in the e-mail would be an offer for ½ price off of their 1st meeting if the new member brings in the e-mail.  Kristen will send out a list by a rotating schedule for board members to call members after 90 days of joining.

    Attracting Board Members – Discussion was had on possible new board members for 2015.  Names included Glen, Karen (new member does not meet 1 year criteria, but possible committee member), Jeremiah, & Cara. Judie has also reached out to Sue Oswalt

    Bi-Law Review – the chapter’s bi-laws need to be reviewed annually. Each board member needs to review the bi-laws and submit any changes via e-mail before the July Board Meeting.

    Open Board Positions – For 2015 we need to fill the membership and assistant membership positions.   Judie, Carol, & Sarah will each continue their current board positions in 2015.  Once Sara Zorich completes her one year membership she can come on the board as Director of Legislation

    New Business:

    Nominating Committee – A discussion was held on the benefits of being a board member.  Chapter Presidents get to attend the National & State Leadership conferences for free.  A discussion was also had on offering a lifetime membership to our chapter for all past presidents and to offer any new board member $100 towards new certification or $50.00 towards re-certifications.  A motion was made by Sandy for 2015 to offer any new board member $100 towards new certification or $50.00 towards re-certification.  The motion was seconded by Judie.  Motion approved.

    July Meeting – Carol will design a board member application for the board to review.  At the July meeting Lisa will ask for volunteers for the nominating committee to reach out for new board members.  Lisa will also discuss the benefits of being on the board, SPHR & PHR certification credit, certification payback, volunteering (giving back) and the free conferences.

    Job Description Booklets – Crystal asked if there was job/work booklets for each board positions.  Currently the chapter only has job descriptions.

    At 2:20 Carol made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Judie seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

    Illinois Fox Valley

    Society for Human Resources Management

    Board Meeting Minutes

    Thursday, May 15th, 2014

    Call to Order 12:55 pm – 1:00 pm


    Board Meeting

    May 15, 2014

    Attendees: Lisa Gruhkle, Dave Butts, Judie Childress, Yvonne Graff, Carol Stone Graham, , Pam Van Bogaert,

    Absent: Crystal Gonzalez, Sarah Sester, Susan Jayne

    Meeting called to order at 12:55.

    Brief meeting was held to discuss liability insurance for directors and officers.  Dave Butts presented several quotes and explained the details.  He favored the policy offered by Chubb at $614 for $1 million, with legal defense outside the $1M.  Yvonne motioned to switch to Chubb.  Pam seconded the motion.  Motion carried with all members voting “aye”. 

    Judie motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Pam. 

    Meeting adjourned at 1:00.


    Board Meeting Agenda

    Thursday, April 17, 2014

    Call to Order 1:15 pm – 1:50 pm

    Board Meeting

    April 17, 2014

    Attendees: Lisa Gruhkle, Judie Childress, Yvonne Graff, Carol Stone Graham, Sandy Pajak, Crystal Gonzalez, Pam Van Bogaert, Sara Zorich

    Absent: Dave Butts, Sarah Sester, Susan Jayne

    Meeting Called to Order @ 1:15 p.m.

    Old Business:

    The first two agenda items were: (1) Moving our bank account, and (2) Opening up a CS with bank account funds.  Treasurer, Dave Butts was unable to attend this meeting.

    Meeting Sponsors are posted on the website and allowed a five minute presentation at the beginning of their sponsored meeting.  Responsibilities fall under Member Benefits.  Judie will find space on the website and update as needed. 

    Judie Childress, Member Benefits Chair will discuss her board position at May’s meeting.

    Lisa reported that our chapter is in good shape with SHAPE. 

    • Government Affairs - Sara Zorich, Legislative Liaison will be unable to attend meetings until September.  September’s program topic is Legal Update.
    • Diversity & Inclusion – Susan Jayne was unable to attend this meeting.  Crystal Gonzalez reported that the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event for Spanish businesses. 


    New Business:

    Lisa addressed the board concerning an issue from last month’s meeting.  She feels we can work together as a group and apologized for being “short” with Karla Dobbeck.

    Other Business:

    • The Board will consider developing a check list for new members, introducing them to LinkedIn, FAQ’s, etc.
    • Pam suggested a buddy system and script to welcome new members.
    • Sandi would like to have member testimonials.
    • Carol would like to have PHR, SPHR testimonials.


    For Next Meeting:

    Revisit bylaws concerning our 100% SHRM rule and lifetime limit for visitors.

    Meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.





    Illinois Fox Valley

    Society for Human Resources Management

    Board Meeting Minutes

    February 20, 2014


    Attendees: Karla Dobbeck, Lisa Gruhkle, Sandy Pajak, Sarah Sester, Dave Butts, ,Crystal Gonzalez, Sara Zorich, Yvonne  Graff, Pam Van Boegart & Kristen May

    Absent – Carol Stone, Judy Childress

    Lisa called the meeting to order @ 12:55

    Old Business:

    2014 Budget – Lisa updated Dave’s Budget.  The only change was that we only received $750.00 in revenue share not $1500.00.  With this change we currently are projecting a loss of $3,400.00.  A motion was made by Sandy to approve the budget with Lisa’s change.  The motion was seconded by Crystal.  All members approved except Karla abstained. 

    Moving Bank Account to Elgin State Bank / Wintrust.  The Board has approved to transfer our chapter checking account from Harris BMO bank to Elgin State Bank/Wintrust.  David has contacted Cierra Marano at Elgin State Bank and is in the process of preparing the requested paperwork to complete this request.

    Opening a CD with bank account funds - David will continue to work on this consideration after the chapter checking account has been transferred to Elgin State Bank / Wintrust.

    Sponsorship responsibility falling under member benefits – move to next board meeting. 

    Meeting Sign Ups – Lisa passed around sig up sheets for board members presenting their positions at general meetings and discussion Shape initiatives (job descriptions should be posted on the webpage)

    Membership Responsibilities –

                Membership Drives – Karla

                Member Packets & Spreadsheet – Yvonne

                Approval from National – Karla

                Respond to Membership Request – Karla

                Update Website with New Member Names – Kristen

                Demographic Survey - Karla

    Membership Drives – 2 membership drives will be held, one in April and one in June.  There will also be 2 e-mail blasts

    Website Bios – all Board members should submit their Bio’s to Lisa for the website.  Board members that currently have a bio on the website need to verify that all of the information is up to date. 

    Shape Initiative Areas –

                Community Outreach & Workforce Readiness can be combined with Sandy’s

                current Community Outreach project with ECC & Judson.  A discussion was

                had on opening a meeting to 10 to students each from ECC  Judson. Sandy will

                contact the colleges and extend the invitation.


                Diversity & Inclusion – Lisa would like to continue to expand our membership

                with Diversity.  Lisa will work with Susan on this.  Crystal mentioned that the

                Elgin Chamber also has diversity programs.


                Foundation Liaison – National SHRM is looking for donations from regional

                SHRM groups.  Sarah suggested a 50/50 drawing at general meetings to raise

                money for the donation.


                HRCI Promotions – Carol will continue promoting at general meetings

    New Business:

    Website Updates – membership on the webite  needs to be updated to 2014 members.  Sponsors needs to be removed from the website.  The membership form on the website needs to be updated to the 2014 form.  Sandy will write something up on Community Outreach for the website.

    Speakers – Kristen will make name tags for speakers at the general meeting

    Board Members – discussion on ideas for attracting board members; discounted membership, free lunches, etc.  Bring ideas to next meeting.

    Linked In Group Member Updates – Kristen to maintain invites to new members and remove members that have not renewed their membership

    Laura McAdams Strategic Program – Laura is putting together a strategic program.  This program will be eligible for 15 strategic hours of HRCI credits.  The program is a 2 day program for $800.00.    Pam will send more details for our next Board Meeting.

    Meeting adjourned @ 2:00 – motioned by Yvonne, seconded by Crystal.  All members in favor





    Illinois Fox Valley

    Society for Human Resources Management

    Board Meeting Minutes

    January 16, 2014


    Attendees: Karla Dobbeck, Lisa Gruhkle, Sandy Pajak, Sarah Sester, Dave Butts, Carol Stone, Crystal Gonzalez, Sara Zorich, & Kristen May

    Absent – Judy Childress, Yvonne Graff, Pam Van Boegart

    Lisa called the meeting to order @ 1:10

    Old Business:

    Sponsors – A discussion was had on bringing sponsors back to our the general meetings. Board members agreed this was a good idea, but we need to determine which board area this subject falls under.    The sponsor would have a table to display information about their company and give a 5 minute presentation at the general meeting.  The board will ask for a volunteer at our next meeting.  The board will also discuss moving this activity under member benefits at our next board meeting. 

    Meeting Follow-up – when a new member attends a meeting they should receive a packet of information and then receive a follow-up call after the meeting to see if the member has any questions or concerns.  Karla said that we also need to follow-up with members that have missed the last 3 or 4 meetings.  Kristen said that she could have packets available for new members. Kristen will also provide Board members with list of new members that attended the meeting or members that have missed 3 or 4 meetings, so board members can contact these members. A motion was made by Karla for Kristen to organize meeting follow-up information and provide it to the board.  Sandy seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

    Chapter Coordinator – Karla will provide Dave with the Chapter Coordinator job description and Dave will update it.

    Checking Account – Our current checking account balance is around $17,000.00.  Dave suggested moving some of the money to a CD.

    Checking Account – Dave will also work with Sandy on possibly moving our account to the bank she currently works for. This topic will be added to next month’s agenda

    Budget – A discussion was held on the 2014 budget that Dave has put together.  He is waiting for additional information from programs.  He will review the budget with Crystal after the meeting.  A vote will be held at next’s month’s meeting to approve the budget.

    Review Director Positions & Terms – all members approved the position & terms spreadsheet that Lisa provided

    2014 Meeting Schedule & Position Sign Ups – Lisa e-mail the general & board meetings for 2014.  Lisa will also send out sign up for each board member to pick a month with a general meeting to give a brief discussion on their current board position.

    New Business

    Shape Initiative Areas:

    Membership – Our current 2014 membership is at 31 members.  We had 58 members at the end of 2013.  Karla stated it will be difficult for us to get back to our 58 members that we had in 2013. 

    Board members should review the remaining Shape areas and offer suggestions for any initiatives in these areas for 2014.

    Open Board Positions – Susan Jayne will be staying on as a committee member.  Sara Zorich will be a committee member for assistant membership and legislative liaison.  Rebecca Dobbs submitted her board resignation to Lisa since she has moved to Wisconsin.  Dave made a motion to not accept Rebecca’s resignation and move the Past President position to a committee chair position.  Karla seconded the motion.  Motion approved.

    Meeting Adjourned @ 2:10