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Community Outreach

    2016 Community Outreach

    Connecting Students to Professionals/Job Shadow Program

    Community Outreach is not just a buzz word, it is the commitment of people to give back to their communities in order to benefit others. 

    This being said, I wanted to share with you our chapters 2016 initiative:  "Connecting Students to Professionals" job shadow program.  Our HR professionals are excited about having the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge with students of local colleges in and around The Fox Valley area, and play a part in their success.

    We recognize the challenges all students’ face today connecting in the job market.  Through these various job shadow opportunities and our partnership with NIU we are hoping to lessen these challenges in some small way.

    Call it our pay-it-forward initiate, we are very committed and excited and look forward to the lives we can affect and change in 2016 and beyond!


                                                                               Sandi Pajak, Director of Community Outreach