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    Curing Adultitis: Your Prescription for Less Stress and More Success

    Date: April 16, 2015, 11:15am – 1:00pm
    Jason Kotecki
    Elgin Community College, University & Business Center- Dining Room, 1700 Spartan Drive - Building E, Elgin, Illinois 60123
    $20 - members; $25 - member's guests; $40 - non-members for all monthly programs unless otherwise indicated.
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    Adultitis is an epidemic that is coming hard after us every single day. It can infiltrate even the best working environments, producing stress and instigating burnout. Left unchecked, Adultitis will eat your productivity, teamwork, and morale alive. Surrender need not be an option, however. In this light-hearted but hard-hitting program, Jason will arm your people with the fresh perspective they need to reclaim their passion and create a better harmony between work and home. He provides witty observations, humorous anecdotes, and real-world techniques that will entertain and inspire the audience to live a richer, more balanced life. They’ll learn easy, practical tips for bringing more fun and less stress to the job at hand, contributing to a workplace that’s more enjoyable and engaging for employees AND the people they serve. Adultitis may be a formidable foe, but Jason can help you annihilate it.

    Jason’s message is as relevant for a boardroom of executives as it is for an auditorium filled with educators. That being said, he has a vast palette of artwork, stories, and action items that he draws from in order to create a customized message specially tailored for each audience. Truly, Jason never gives the same speech twice.

    Jason Kotecki is the co-founder of Escape Adulthood and delivers the speaking programs, makes the pretty pictures, does a bunch of the writing, and oversees the design and overall direction of this ship.


    Reservations not cancelled 24 hours prior to the meeting will be charged the cost of the meal.