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    You're On Mute: Why Aren't You Being Heard?

    Date: August 17, 2023, 12:00pm
    Erich Kurschat, Harmony Insights LLC
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    Many of us have experienced getting several sentences into a conference call before realizing that we're on mute. Not to worry! With the quick push of a button, we begin again, assuming that others finally understand us. If only it were that simple. This session will take participants beyond the button, offering an actionable framework for meaningful, productive communication when it truly matters.

    Attendees will learn basic concepts from the DiSC model of behavior along with specific strategies for being heard by all stakeholders.  Attendees will also explore diverse communication and personality styles.

    Registrants also qualify for a free DiSC assessment; a $135 value!  Assessments are limited so be sure to sign up soon.

    Erich Kurschat ( is the owner of Harmony Insights LLC (, a company that helps organizations and consultants leverage the DiSC personality assessment.  He is also the founder of HRHotSeat (, an inclusive mastermind community of real HR pros solving real HR problems.  Erich draws from a broad range of experiences as a corporate HR professional, a public speaker, a career coach, a classical musician, and a proud introvert to inspire others toward meaningful work and productive workplace relationships.