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IL FV SHRM Chapter Workforce Readiness Advocate




    Position Summary:


    Serves as an appointed member of the chapter board of directors.  Monitors and evaluates on a continuing basis local activities concerning workforce readiness issues and plans and encourages chapter involvement and activities impacting the workforce readiness arena.  Presents a report or update to the chapter president and fellow chapter members.  Works in cooperation with state-level workforce readiness advocates.


    Responsible To:


    The members of the chapter

    The chapter president

    State council workforce readiness director



    ·         Serve as advocate and program coordinator for workforce readiness chapter activities.

    ·         Provide updates to the membership concerning unemployment rates, workforce demographics, services available through local agencies and workforce investment board updates. 

    ·         Identify and evaluate issues that impact workforce readiness and develop goals for chapter workforce readiness strategy.

    ·         Report on workforce readiness issues to chapter members and serve as advocate at chapter activities for education programs.

    ·         Serve as a resource for chapter members on workforce readiness issues and provide leadership to the chapter on education issues.

    ·         Monitor local activities concerning workforce readiness and provide timely information on education issues to the chapter president and state workforce readiness director.

    ·         Work in close cooperation with state workforce readiness director.

    ·         Provide special recognition for chapter members and for local programs that promote betterment of the local workforce through educational process.

    ·         Respond to any other requirements of the chapter president and state workforce readiness director.

    ·         Participate in SHRM Workforce Readiness Core Leadership Area volunteer leader conference calls and webcasts.

    ·         Participate in the development and implementation of short-term and long-term strategic planning for the chapter.

    ·         Represent the chapter in the human resources community.

    ·         Attend all monthly membership and board of directors meetings.


    Resources Available:

    ·         SHRM supplies the following resources for chapter workforce readiness advocates 

    o        Chapter Position Descriptions

    o        Workforce Readiness Manual

    o        Fundamentals of Chapter Operations

    And MUCH MORE…available online at